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  • Does the foam shaft really work?
    May 05, 2023

    Foam axis is a good way to relax the body muscles equipment. After a long period of training or intense exercise, the human body is prone to excessive muscle tension, so massage or foam shaft relaxation after exercise is an important way to relax for all sports, especially for professional players, timely massage and relaxation is an indispensable way to recover. Foam shafts can be used as a post-sport relaxation tool as they are always available for players to warm up before or relax their muscles after a match. The function of foam axis 1、Reduce the risk of muscle tissue adhesions. When soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and fascia are injured, the collagen fibers may be attached to other levels of fascia, and the relaxation of the foam shaft can provide some relief. 2、 Improve the joints and reduce the pressure on the joints. The foam axis can relax the fascia, which can reduce tissue pressure, relieve muscle tension, and play a role in relieving joint pressure. 3 、 Reduce soreness and promote recovery. Using the foam axis after training can relax the muscles, thus restoring the normal elasticity of the muscles and promoting recovery. Precautions for using the foam axis 1、Do not press too hard. Not the more pain the better, because excessive pain will trigger protective contraction of the muscle, but will reduce the effect. 2、Keep calm breathing. Excessively tight muscles and tense breathing are not conducive to relaxation of the body before and after exercise, and breathing should be adjusted to relieve tension. 3, do not roll too fast. Rolling too fast can not achieve the relaxation effect of the fascia should be, should be uniform rolling relaxation is appropriate.

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  • What is the difference between Pilates and yoga?
    Apr 26, 2023

    What is the difference between Pilates and yoga? How to distinguish Pilates and yoga is more suitable for you? Pilates and yoga have different breathing styles. Pilates is done through the nose and mouth, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, while yoga is done through the nose and exhaling through the nose, most people breathe through the abdomen, can breathe through the chest, or can breathe completely. And the intensity of the two exercises are also different, Pilates movements will be more intense, because Pilates movements are more intense, so the exercise process requires more physical exertion, however, yoga is more exercise our flexibility, so the intensity is not so great, but if you are just starting to do yoga exercise friends, you may feel the muscle pain. Yoga and Pilates also achieve different results, yoga mainly changes the physiology and psychology of a person to achieve a balanced state, Pilates has a better impact on the body shape and can improve a person's physique. How to distinguish Pilates and yoga is more suitable for you? For flexibility and correction of all parts of the body, it is recommended to choose yoga. Yoga can correct abnormalities of bones and joints, and if you want to make your body soft and balanced, yoga is a good choice. But for weight loss and body shaping, Pilates is recommended because it is a faster type of exercise than yoga, so the muscles feel significantly improved and the uninterrupted exercise workout can make the whole body muscle movement, so if you want to lose weight while muscle building, Pilates is a better choice. We supply best custom logo yoga mat,yoga props,get more from

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  • What is the concept of yoga?
    Apr 12, 2023

    What is Yoga? Yoga literally explained - yoga is connection and union, the connection of body and mind, the union of life and work. Yoga is the release of stress and the enjoyment of life. The perfect combination of breathing and asana during yoga practice can fully stretch our body, speed up blood circulation, soothe the nervous system, and bring us physical and mental pleasure. "After every yoga practice, the mind can return to peace - Iyengar" When yoga first became popular, it made many people mistakenly believe that yoga is stretching, such as the early naranga yoga. The purpose of yoga practice is not to lift your feet up to your head; stretching is not the purpose of yoga. Making the soft strong and the hard resilient - that's the purpose of yoga asana. As far as sports are concerned, the only one that I know of that exercises all three levels of the body at the same time is yoga - yoga is about the combination of body and mind, starting with repairing physical health, i.e. yoga asanas. Then comes the mental level and the heart level - creating a balanced state of life. Currently, there are different attitudes towards yoga such as wait and see, oppose and support. The reason for this may be lack of understanding or interest; the reason for opposition may be misunderstanding; the reason for support is that most people benefit from it. It is important to mention that the origin of yoga is indeed religious, but in its thousands of years of development, many schools have been branched out, some of the native Indian yoga focus on classical study, some focus on philosophical enlightenment, some focus on daily life good deeds ...... Some people worry that practicing yoga will lead them astray and into a cult, a big reason may be from this "spiritual practice of enlightenment". Yoga asana 8400, so many asanas commonly used is more than a hundred kinds, not all asanas are anti-joint. It is like "not eating fish because you are afraid of getting a fish spike in your throat", but not everyone is afraid of fish spikes. We can choose to avoid anti-joint injuries if we have a deeper understanding of asana first, just as a child learns to eat first before learning to eat fish. If you are worried about being misled by "enlightenment", you may want to consider it as a general fitness exercise, just like running or Pilates; if you are interested in spiritual themes, you can get in touch with the philosophical mind of yoga and choose the right yoga teacher at the right time. According to different factors and themes, yoga has a wide range of categories, such as. 1 Hatha yoga system: narrow Hatha yoga, Indian traditional Ashtanga and Iyengar, American Anusara and some other niche school series, etc. 2 Auxiliary tools: (large and small) yoga mat, ball yoga, wheel yoga, aerial yoga, wall rope yoga, stick yoga, etc. 3 Element:Yang yoga (power yoga), yin yoga, flow yoga (various flow yoga, such as universal flow, rocket flow, inner view flow, energy flow, San Fra...

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  • Is Yoga Mat Different Than Exercise Mat?
    Apr 10, 2023

    Fitness more and more people, but there are still many people can not distinguish between fitness mats and yoga mats, and even many people use yoga mats as fitness mats, fitness mats and yoga mats in the end what are the differences 1. Different uses: Yoga mat is mainly used to practice yoga, the basic movements to stretch and relaxation, such as downward dog, mountain, cat, baby pose, jerk, etc.; Fitness mat is mainly used for fitness exercise, the basic movements to run, jump, press mainly, such as T25, P90X, Insanity, HIIT, jumping exercise, jump rope, bobbie jump, etc. 2. the material is different: Yoga mat material is generally divided into rubber foam, TPE foam, EVA, latex mat, NBR mat, etc.. Uniform surface particles, full of bubbles, soft feel, and non-toxic, tasteless, non-slip, rebound ability as well as affinity for human skin, is the ideal choice for yoga practitioners. Professional fitness mats are made of high-quality environmentally friendly PVC, hard surface, wear-resistant and scuff-resistant, natural and environmentally friendly, odorless, safe and non-toxic, non-slip grip, resilience, shock resistance super, high-end quality. 3. the size of different: Yoga mat regular size 183cm * 61cm, slightly larger than the height of the practitioner, suitable for practicing a variety of yoga asanas; Professional fitness mat minimum size 190cm * 80cm, the maximum size is 300cm * 180cm, according to different fitness exercises to choose the right mat size, the larger the size for large, high-intensity training more cool! 4. the thickness is different: Yoga mat thickness 1-15mm varies, the thickness of different materials are not the same. PU rubber thickness between 1-6mm, TPE thickness in 6-15mm, soft and comfortable, practitioners choose the right thickness according to the exercise stage they are in; Professional fitness mat thickness of 7-8mm, because most fitness exercises are high-intensity sports, not thick or thin that keep the body smooth and protect the joints and the floor when exercising. 5. Different grip: Yoga mat material rubber foam, TPE foam, EVA,CORK, latex mat, NBR, with lightweight and portable characteristics, in the static yoga asana, grip contact suitable, but in the substantial movement when the mat will follow the movement and move;; Professional fitness mats are made of high-density professional-grade PVC foam, high density, solid weight, suitable for almost all flat floors, grip firmly, the movement of the original seal. 6. durability is different: Yoga mat surface layer focus on human skin affinity, barefoot on the mat practice delicate and comfortable; Fitness mat surface layer is hard, wear-resistant and scuff-resistant, can withstand the high intensity training of shoes.

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  • What are props in yoga?
    Apr 06, 2023

    There are a variety of yoga props that can be used to improve your practice. The most common types of props include: 1-Yoga mats provide a cushioned surface for practice and help prevent injuries. You must find the most suitable yoga mat for your needs. A variety of yoga props can be used to improve your practice. 2- yoga blocks:Yoga blocks are used to support the body in various yoga poses. They can be placed under the hands, feet or hips, to help alignment and stability. 3-Yoga pillow: Yoga mat is a large and sturdy pillow that can support your body in various yoga poses. Yoga mats are large, sturdy pillows that can support the body in various yoga poses. They are often used under the knees, back or head to help with alignment and comfort. ZiYo to find the best yoga mat for your practice, you can visit our yoga store. 4-yoga straps: Yoga straps are used to help with alignment and stability in various yoga poses. They can be used to help reach forward and bend, or to help keep your legs together, such as the "Bound Angle Pose" yoga straps are used to help the alignment and stability of various yoga poses. 5- yoga wheel: yoga wheel is an increasingly popular new props. They can be used to assist in a variety of yoga poses, especially to help open the chest and shoulders. Yoga wheels can be used to assist a variety of yoga poses, especially to help open the chest and shoulders. Benefits of Using Yoga Props Yoga is a practice that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and ability levels. While yoga props are often associated with beginner or therapeutic practices, they can be used to enhance virtually any yoga practice. Props help support the body in challenging poses and can also be used to deepen stretches in more traditional poses. In addition, props can add a new challenge to familiar poses, helping to keep the practice interesting and exciting. From mats and straps to blankets and cushions, there are a variety of props to experiment with. While props are often associated with beginner or therapeutic practices, they can actually be used to enhance any yoga practice, so whatever your yoga goals are, don't be afraid to reach for a prop or two to help you reach them!

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  • How To Choose The Size OF The Yoga Ball?
    Mar 31, 2023

    How to choose the size of the yoga ball? People who often do yoga, in addition to the purchase of yoga mat, yoga ball is also a must prepare auxiliary tools, using yoga ball exercises yoga has many benefits, such as can improve the flexibility of people, can enhance the strength of the body, but also exercise people's balance function, in addition to enhance people's cardiorespiratory function is also helpful, in addition, the use of yoga ball exercises ab workout can also shape the perfect body curve, the following teach you to choose the size of the yoga ball method. 1-How big is the yoga ball? If you are a petite woman, you can choose 45cm or 55cm yoga ball, while 65cm and 75cm yoga ball are more suitable for tall men. In addition to the size of the choice of more important point is to choose by the regular manufacturers of strong and durable yoga ball, to be very flexible and have full security. Maybe in the process of practicing yoga ball stretches, many people do not pay much attention to the details of these yoga ball selection problems, but if you want to better achieve the efficacy of practice, these yoga ball selection problems can not be ignored, but also pay attention to the practice of yoga in the process of the method must be correct, to avoid making their own injuries. 2-yoga ball exercise precautions 2.1, how to inflate yoga ball: when you inflate the ball to "eight minutes full", so that the ball body is more flexible, convenient to do the clip and grip action. 2.2, yoga ball has various sizes, beginners can use small ball first, more convenient to control. Generally speaking, the big ball is easier to keep the balance, the small ball is lighter, but not easy to balance. 2.3、When playing yoga ball at home, you can lay a yoga mat or paving towel on the ground to keep it clean and not easy to slip. 2.4、Although yoga ball exercise is not easy to get injured, you still need to pay attention to keep balance, especially to do the wheel pose and other more difficult movements, you must use your hands to support well when restoring. 2.5, in the practice of fitness ball yoga to pay attention to wear, try not to wear some too loose clothing, so as to avoid the yoga ball squeeze clothing, accidents, causing injury to the body. 3-The cleaning method of yoga ball 3.1, due to the shape and model of the fitness ball, its storage has become a problem for many gyms. One way is to spill the gas directly after use and put it inside the original ball box. Do not put it in a hot place. 3.2, there is another way is to buy a net, and then put the ball in the net. If it is a gym, the best way is to install a pole about 40cm away from the wall to balance the wall at the height of the hands around the gym, so that the ball on it will not occupy the site. 3.3, when cleaning the fitness ball, use water or soapy water to clean the surface of the ball, can not use chemical solvents, it will ruin the surface of the ball. For the comfort of the practitioner as ...

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