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How To Choose The Size OF The Yoga Ball?

Mar 31, 2023
How to choose the size of the yoga ball?
People who often do yoga, in addition to the purchase of yoga mat, yoga ball is also a must prepare auxiliary tools, using yoga ball exercises yoga has many benefits, such as can improve the flexibility of people, can enhance the strength of the body, but also exercise people's balance function, in addition to enhance people's cardiorespiratory function is also helpful, in addition, the use of yoga ball exercises ab workout can also shape the perfect body curve, the following teach you to choose the size of the yoga ball method.
yoga ball exercises
1-How big is the yoga ball?
If you are a petite woman, you can choose 45cm or 55cm yoga ball, while 65cm and 75cm yoga ball are more suitable for tall men. In addition to the size of the choice of more important point is to choose by the regular manufacturers of strong and durable yoga ball, to be very flexible and have full security.
Maybe in the process of practicing yoga ball stretches, many people do not pay much attention to the details of these yoga ball selection problems, but if you want to better achieve the efficacy of practice, these yoga ball selection problems can not be ignored, but also pay attention to the practice of yoga in the process of the method must be correct, to avoid making their own injuries.

yoga ball size chart

2-yoga ball exercise precautions

2.1, how to inflate yoga ball: when you inflate the ball to "eight minutes full", so that the ball body is more flexible, convenient to do the clip and grip action.
2.2, yoga ball has various sizes, beginners can use small ball first, more convenient to control. Generally speaking, the big ball is easier to keep the balance, the small ball is lighter, but not easy to balance.
2.3、When playing yoga ball at home, you can lay a yoga mat or paving towel on the ground to keep it clean and not easy to slip.
2.4、Although yoga ball exercise is not easy to get injured, you still need to pay attention to keep balance, especially to do the wheel pose and other more difficult movements, you must use your hands to support well when restoring.
2.5, in the practice of fitness ball yoga to pay attention to wear, try not to wear some too loose clothing, so as to avoid the yoga ball squeeze clothing, accidents, causing injury to the body.

yoga ball ab workout

3-The cleaning method of yoga ball

3.1, due to the shape and model of the fitness ball, its storage has become a problem for many gyms. One way is to spill the gas directly after use and put it inside the original ball box. Do not put it in a hot place.
3.2, there is another way is to buy a net, and then put the ball in the net. If it is a gym, the best way is to install a pole about 40cm away from the wall to balance the wall at the height of the hands around the gym, so that the ball on it will not occupy the site.

3.3, when cleaning the fitness ball, use water or soapy water to clean the surface of the ball, can not use chemical solvents, it will ruin the surface of the ball. For the comfort of the practitioner as well as the reason of cleaning, the ball should be cleaned regularly and often, because the surface of the ball is often in contact with the floor. In order to prolong the life of the ball, the floor of the room should be kept clean and sharp objects should be removed.

Yoga ball cleaning

How to use yoga ball to induce labor
Yoga ball to induce labor has a certain effect of inducing labor, generally for pregnant women in the late pregnancy before delivery. However, it must be operated under the guidance of a professional doctor and in a reasonable position, and the exercise time should be chosen according to individual conditions. Sitting on a yoga ball to induce labor is a more common operation before delivery, and is a more suitable aerobic exercise for pregnant women. Sitting on a yoga ball before delivery is good for stretching the muscles of the pubic area and increasing the local elasticity of the vagina, which helps to reduce the perineal resistance during delivery, so as to reduce the difficulty of delivery.
In addition, sitting on a yoga ball for training can also promote the fetal head to descend, effectively stimulate the uterus, thus inducing contractions, and to a certain extent, can promote the progress of labor to start. Sitting on a yoga ball before delivery in late pregnancy can also increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, providing conditions to avoid injuries during delivery, such as reducing the possibility of partial vaginal lateralization.
Pregnant women should relax before delivery and also learn about childbirth, closely observe whether the amniotic fluid ruptures or there is bleeding in the vagina, and seek medical treatment in time if abnormalities are found.
yoga ball to induce labor

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