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Does the foam shaft really work?

May 05, 2023

Foam axis is a good way to relax the body muscles equipment. After a long period of training or intense exercise, the human body is prone to excessive muscle tension, so massage or foam shaft relaxation after exercise is an important way to relax for all sports, especially for professional players, timely massage and relaxation is an indispensable way to recover. Foam shafts can be used as a post-sport relaxation tool as they are always available for players to warm up before or relax their muscles after a match.

Foam shaft

The function of foam axis

1、Reduce the risk of muscle tissue adhesions. When soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and fascia are injured, the collagen fibers may be attached to other levels of fascia, and the relaxation of the foam shaft can provide some relief.

2、 Improve the joints and reduce the pressure on the joints. The foam axis can relax the fascia, which can reduce tissue pressure, relieve muscle tension, and play a role in relieving joint pressure.

3 、 Reduce soreness and promote recovery. Using the foam axis after training can relax the muscles, thus restoring the normal elasticity of the muscles and promoting recovery.

The use of foam shafts

Precautions for using the foam axis

1、Do not press too hard. Not the more pain the better, because excessive pain will trigger protective contraction of the muscle, but will reduce the effect.

2、Keep calm breathing. Excessively tight muscles and tense breathing are not conducive to relaxation of the body before and after exercise, and breathing should be adjusted to relieve tension.

3, do not roll too fast. Rolling too fast can not achieve the relaxation effect of the fascia should be, should be uniform rolling relaxation is appropriate.

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