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Part I:Mindfulness Yoga

Oct 13, 2022
Yoga of the heart, please start by smiling at a flower.

If you have a rainbow-spotted mind, then happiness is as beautiful as a flower, and the fragrance is always in the heart.

Life is a practice, unity of mind and body, unity of action.

Nowadays, people advocate "harmony", in fact, Mr. Ji Xianlin, a master of Chinese studies, proposed that in addition to social harmony and human harmony, special emphasis should be placed on the harmony of mind and body. Modern life is fast-paced and people are overworked every day, and they don't pay attention to diet and health care, so over time, their bodies become more and more unbearable. In fact, they are already in a sub-healthy condition, they always say, nothing, young, top a top on the past, in fact, a young age has long been buried hidden dangers, but they have been negligent, did not put in mind, until the consequences of serious regret, then really do not know what to do, let the family suffer, their own suffering, in fact, everything can be avoided, right? However, the world has staged too many tragedies.

Japanese Dr. Katsuhiro Emoto, after years of research, found an amazing secret, research shows that people and nature have a very strong magnetic field induction, while people and the mind can also be harmonious symbiosis, everything in the world can be converted and transformed with the will of people, this is how amazing the world ah. He used a glass of water as an experiment. If a glass of water is labeled with gratitude, beauty, or thank you, the crystallization of a drop of water is aesthetically pleasing, neat and elegant, and reassuring. Likewise, if a glass of water is labeled as loathsome, rolled, or bummed, no matter what language it is in, no matter how it is written, and no matter how it is mixed, the crystallized drop of water appears ugly and loathsome every time, making people very uneasy. In fact, there are many such experiments, for example, if you put a glass of water in a congested street for a day, and put him in a quiet mountain forest, it presents a completely two states, in fact, the water is from the same ancient well, but the environment and their own changes, affecting the initial shape. That if one has a good spiritual mood, then the world is also so beautiful, everything comes from the original heart, or the original heart. So keep a good heart, and you will surely meet the rainbow of life.

The American writer Rhonda Byrne has a book called "The Secret". Byrne has a book called "The Secret", which illustrates this understanding very well. He profoundly analyzes our own great potential and puts forward a very constructive principle idea, "`The Law of Attraction". She proposes that people themselves have a powerful magnetic field that can dock information with the whole universe, however, our frequency may be different for some people, so we receive it differently. By leaning towards a happy mood frequency, you will have endless joy. You will find that if you have a good mood, then the world is all so beautiful and peaceful.

Nowadays, many people study Nanxue, the writings of Mr. Nan Huaijin, the heart of Buddha, the bones of Tao and the body of Confucianism, and many people also promote Xinxue, which advocates the unity of action, conscience, and nothing outside the mind, while I like Buddhism very much, Buddhism talks about modulating the heart and pacifying it. Observation of karma, karmic nature and emptiness. The Vajra Sutra says, "How to strengthen the mind? How do you subdue your mind?

How to subdue the mind? Where does one know where the mind rests? Where is the mind? Do not force yourself. Everything is made by the mind alone, just like the artist. There is nothing to dwell in the mind and therefore no greed, no attachment, there is nothing in the mind, the mind is pure.

Yoga of the mind, let Zen happiness fill the mind.

Empty your mind and restore the original truth. Emptiness is a kind of empty, open-minded, enlightened and clear realm that Buddhism preaches, and it is also a positive, comfortable, simple and simple way of life.

Yoga of the mind, please start practicing by smiling at a flower.

Remember that His Holiness on Mount Ling, who did not establish words, taught the Dharma outside. He smiled at a flower, and Gautama smiled back, achieving a kind of mindfulness of view and understanding.

Happiness is sometimes very simple, often slipping to your feet without notice, while we are looking around.

Let the mind quietly bloom a flower, elegant, fragrant, soft and serene.

Yoga of the heart, harness the mind, let the heart fly freely, chanting the initial sentiment!

Listen, it turns out that the heart slowly soothes and flows nourishing the heart, the sound turns out to be so nice.

Do a subtraction to life, let the mind settle down, repair rest. Life is still a long way, take your time, appreciate it, my friend.

Let the mind travel, to appreciate the joy and zen of the soul!

Let the footsteps slow down a bit, wait a bit, our souls behind us.

Happiness is like a flower, please trim the earthly branches and leaves out of the dust, to smell the delight of the soul!

How exquisite and elegant, how beautiful and fragrant.

Let the soul germinate, quietly sublimate and nourish this heart.

Happiness, that is, smiling at a flower.

Yoga of the heart, smile like a flower.